From a common love for the beauty of objects, their shapes, materials and for their use when they are owned, Lena Jaroschek and Quentin Daly united to found Savannah Bay: art and design gallery, and contemporary design editor.Savannah Bay is a gallery that suits them well and thanks to which they can become involved with artists whose creations they want to support. Fine furniture, decorative art and sculptures, Lena and Quentin build their collection around the  idea of a contemporary, singular and human design for a public that has the strong desire to surround itself with beautiful things produced by artists who are truly committed to their creations.Small productions, limited editions, unique pieces, tailor-made and signed pieces. Savannah Bay is creating a collection, day after day, that reflects its vision.

About 3

Savannah Bay c’est le titre d’une pièce de Marguerite Duras. Province du Siam, c’est l’endroit où les souvenirs sont nés et où depuis ils se dissipent. Savannah Bay c’est l’histoire d’une mémoire après laquelle on attend et qui nous déçoit. « Tu as tout oublié sauf Savannah, Savannah Bay. Savannah Bay c’est toi. ». Savannah Bay c’est nous : là où le fil impalpable de l’existence se dissout, les objets voyagent, nous accompagnent, se cèdent, se transmettent et demeurent.