Valerie Objects

Valerie Objects is a Belgian design studio created by Axel Van Den Bossche, founder of Serax, and Veerle Wenes, owner of the iconic Valerie Traan gallery. Valerie Objects’ mission is to enable extraordinary designers and artists to translate their style into unique furniture, in order to restore aesthetic meaning to everyday tools and objects.

valerie_objects showcases the work of the design duo Muller Van Severen, considered one of the most influential European designers of our time. Other creators have followed, such as the Big-Game studio or the destroyers/builders workshop. All these creators share a clear signature and their style is immediately recognizable, whether they create a table or a lamp.

Discover an eclectic selection of furniture, where each piece embodies contemporary aesthetics. Explore Muller van Severen’s metal lighting fixtures. Immerse yourself in comfort with the wooden tables from Atelier 365. Experience the sofa from Destroy Builders, accompanied by its matching side table, for a contemporary and elegant ambiance.