Friends & Founders

Contemporary design studio Friends & Founders was founded in 2003 by Ida Linea and Rasmus Hilderbrand in Copenhagen, Denmark.
For this couple, designing and creating is a ”geometrical performance act”. The lines and shapes are sleek and pure; often organic. And sometimes, it contrasts with the masculinity of the materials used, as marble or metal. The creations signed by Friends & Founders may look simple. In reality, the pieces are a perfect balance between functional comfort and elegance of lines and design. Friends & Founders develop collections of seating, lightings, tables and mirrors, offering a wide range of finishes and options. Friends & Founders creates products that can fit in each interiors and environment thanks to all the possibilities of customization.
While keeping a strong identity. Inspired by the heritage of Scandinavian design and the quality of its craftsmanship, Friends & Founders integrates a modern and sustainable vision of design in its own creative process.