Explore the captivating world of Swedish design with Fogia, an icon of furniture conception. This studio collaborates with the most avant-garde minds in contemporary design. Among its treasures, the Bollo chair and Barba armchair stand out for their elegance and refinement.
The Bollo dining chair, successor to the lounge chairs of the 50s, combines comfort and refined design. Its characteristic deep upholstery and metal frame make it the ideal choice for your contemporary decor.
The Barba armchair, with its generous dimensions and exceptional comfort, breathes remarkable warmth and allure into any space.
Fogia, steeped in Scandinavian aesthetics, crafts timeless pieces in its workshops. The Bollo leather chair and the Barba upholstered armchair are the perfect embodiment of this tradition of excellence, combining craftsmanship, top-of-the-range materials and an avant-garde vision of design. Each Fogia creation reveals a singular story, adding an incomparable touch to any environment.