TRN Pendant Lamps by Pani Jurek

The TRN ceramic lighting by Pani Jurek are designed as modules that are assembled in a variety of combinations. TRN suspensions are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Each fixture is crafted using a hand-finished glaze technique and suspended by a brass rod. Combining warm and cool tones, the TRN collection is available in red, green, ochre, black and various shades of blue. The TRN pendant collection by the Polish design studio Pani Jurek is a tribute to the work of  the painter Jan Tarasin. The artist Magda Jurek, the studio’s founder, is inspired by the colors and calligraphic forms found in Tarasin’s work. The Polish artist Jan Tarasin began by turning objects into signs, while Magda Jurek reverses this process, drawing inspiration from ideograms to design objects. As a trained painter, Magda Jurek’s creations are also works of art in their own right, adding a playful and colorful touch the interior.