AGNST Design by Camille Ménard

AGNST Design is a young French design studio based in Paris and founded by Camille Ménard.
Camille Ménard, artist deisgner, won the 13th edition of Audi Talents (2019 edition), which allow her to exhibit her amazing works at the Palais de Tokyo for the ‘Undomestic’ exhibition. Very close to Contemporary Art, AGNST Design offers unconventional objects (with an offset aesthetic approach) and experiences that are very colorful and tinged with humor in their use. Everyday objects break free from their “basic” functionality in order to offer a new approach, perception and use. Camille Ménard draws her inspiration in commercial objects and their graphic forms. The artist designer changes those everyday products into design objects, leading to a reflection on their place and use. In Self Esteem Shapers project, AGNST Design studio denounces the conditioning that household objects can produce on people.
The function of the object is then diverted, desecrated. The objects take on a critical vision of the consumer society and the idolatry of the body of our modern society.

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