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    Discover our selection of fine furniture and decorative art made by talented artists who are all part of a certain (re)definition of contemporary design. Most of the pieces presented are signed and produced as limited editions or are unique pieces.
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Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini (1931-2019) is a leading figure of Italian design. Architect and also designer, Alessandro Mendini has definitely   influenced contemporary design as he wanted to break the codes of Modernism and Bauhaus legacy. He built the idea of  “controdesign” which invite to back away from industrial production and lean toward limited edition production, more precious and more suitable pieces for gallery exhibitions. Alessandro Mendini, Michele De Lucchi and Ettore Sottsas created “Global Tools” movement which will inspire the well known “Memphis Group” several years after. Colors and original shapes are celebrated! Alessandro Mendini always created his pieces like artworks and took the opportunity to pay tribute to great artists such as Paul Signac and Marcel Proust whith his famous eponym armchair. Alessandro Mendini’s genius also interested great brands like Swatch or Alessi which he worked with on artistic direction. Find out a selection of his creations on Savannah Bay Gallery, manufactured by the great: Up Group.

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