BD Barcelona Design

Based in Barcelona, BD Barcelona is an internationally recognized design studio specializing in contemporary furniture and iconic pieces. Founded in 1972 in a nightclub by a group of young architects and designers, BD Barcelona quickly established its innovative vision and unconventional approach to design.

For over fifty years, BD Barcelona has played a major role in gaining international recognition for Spanish design. By collaborating with renowned designers such as Ettore Sottsass and Álvaro Siza, BD Barcelona has produced pieces that continue to influence the design world today. Among their creations are design tables, contemporary furniture, and unique art objects.

Each piece, whether it be coffee tables, lighting fixtures, or storage solutions, embodies the bold spirit and unique vision of BD Barcelona. By incorporating a variety of materials and embracing diverse manufacturing techniques, BD Barcelona breathes new life into often-underestimated materials, adding precious touches like marble or polished brass.