Founded in 2011 by artists Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, the Muller Van Severen studio embodies a fusion of art and design. Their work transcends traditional boundaries, lying somewhere between functional design and sculptural art.

From the start, Fien and Hannes have embarked on an inspired quest to create contemporary furniture, taking into account not only the object itself, but also the space that surrounds it. Among their iconic creations are the Hanging Lamp luminaires, designed in aluminum and brass, which represent the spirit of modern lighting. The Duo chairs, minimalist and functional, reflect Muller Van Severen’s refined aesthetic. Likewise, the Alu chair collection, with its clean lines and innovative use of aluminum, testifies to their commitment to innovation in the manufacturing process.

Muller Van Severen is considered one of Europe’s most influential design studios, having won numerous awards and collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the Vitra Museum, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d’Art Décoratif in Paris.