Mirror Snowmotion by Ocrùm


Wall mirror Snowmotion, signed by Ocrùm

Hand polished carved marble, glass mirror
Dimensions: D 80 x 4,5 cm (D 31.5 x 1.75 in)

Colors: Liberty White marble, clear mirror
Customization: glass tint and size

Production lead-time: 6 to 8 weeks

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Mirror Snowmotion by Ocrùm

The collections of wall mirrors named Orizon and Snowmotion, has been designed by Sean Zhang.

The wall mirror Snowmotion signed by the studio Ocrùm is an opposition between the mirror glass (the air), and the marble (the snow). The marble carving creates an illusion of a movement, looking like snow.

This wall mirrors Orizon consist of a glass mirror associated to an other carved marble or glazed ceramic part. The mirror’s glass is tinted to create the illusion that the sky is reflected in it.
Several choices of colors are available and were selected to match the three different natural lights there are in a day. The movement of the sea surface is created thanks to the carved marble or glazed ceramic’s part.

Several tints, colors and sizes are available depending the on model.