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Hormé, mythological design

Founded by two really good friends and designers, Parisian design studio Hormé conceives very precious and elegant pieces of furniture.

Inspired by Greek mythology and the wealth of its stories, fantasy and symbolism, the name Hormé was chosen to represent its inspirations, evoking the idea of ​​an impulse – just like the impulse that brought this creative duo together. They have many inspirations, in their own words: “The blacks of St Laurent, the golds of Tom Ford, the blues of Gaultier, the grays of Dior (…) the headwear of Peter Marino, the metals of Tom Dixon, The lobby of the Prince of Wales in Paris, the coat of a Persian, the garden of Majorelle, the monochromes of Klein…”




Candleholder “Apodosis” and Cigar Holder “Perses” (burnt wood, marble and brass)

Anxious to create precious and carefully-designed collections of furniture and art, Hormé chooses to rely on a selection of materials that can guarantee this refinement: wood – ebony, maple, sycamore, walnut – marble – Carrare or Calacatta – brass and leather. Hormé is also surrounded by the best craftsmen for a safe and controlled production process: their collections are made in France, mainly in Paris, and mostly by craftsmen who hold the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France) or Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). Each piece of furniture, and indeed each object, is unique, made to order, then signed and numbered.

Finally, Hormé intends to give its customers the pleasant freedom of being able to adjust pieces according to their preferences: to raise a sideboard, to enlarge a side table, to choose the color of a leather, or the finish of a brass.


Coffee table “Leto” (white ebony, marble and brass)



Shelf “Aletheia” and Towel Holder “Pontos” (burr elm, tainted oak, marble and brass)


Vathro-horme-savannahbay-designVathro small table (burnt wood, marble and brass)


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