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Avant-Garde armchair by Dmitry Samygin (two arms)


Armchair designed by the young Russian designer Dmitry Samygin.

Beech plywood, lacquered.
88,5 cm x 53 cm x 45 cm

Two arms

Various colors with the choice (consult us)

Dmitry Samygin designs as well as manufactures his pieces. Each order requires between 2 and 3 weeks to create.

[Transport on estimate]

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“Avant-Garde” armchair is designed by the young Russian designer Dmitry Samygin.

After studying Applied Arts at the National University of Art and Industry, Stroganov, Dmitry Samigyn quickly collaborated with his father, a wooden furniture manufacturer, to design different pieces of furniture. Heavily inspired by early-century designs from the 20s to the 40s, Dmitry created pieces close in spirit to Mackintosh, Rietveld or even Le Corbusier. Today, Dmitry Samigyn continues to design furniture with his father but he also now creates custom orders for some of his clients.

Marking a heritage left by the design icons of the 20th Century, Dmitry Samigyn’s work stands out because of his use of simple shapes and clean lines, giving his creations a certain discrete elegance.

One or two arms
Beech plywood, lacquered
88,5 cm x 53 cm x 45 cm

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