Lake I Mirror by Noom

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Lake I mirror by Noom

Wall mirror
Dimensions: H. 100 x 67 x 3,5 cm

Base – several materials:
Veneered wood, burned steel, stainless steel, hand brushed stainless steel, brushed brass, brushed copper, oxidized copper, black marble Alanya, travertino chiaro classic, white marble statuario, green marble verde ocean or onyx

Customization – mirror color:
Black tint mirror or copper tint mirror

Production lead-time: 8 – 10 weeks
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Lake I Mirror by Noom

The Lake mirror series by Noom was inspired by the views from the air of rivers and lakes. The Lake collection features five mirrors in different sizes and shapes, including four wall mirrors and one floor mirror. An embracing design, these contemporary mirrors have sinuous shapes and bases structured by straight lines. The Lake I mirror is a large wall mirror with an off-centered base.

 Lake I Wall Mirror
Dimensions: H. 100 x 67 cm x 3,5 cm

Lake mirror bases are made in a wide selection of materials:
Plated wood, burnished steel, stainless steel, hand-brushed stainless steel, brushed brass, brushed copper, oxidized copper, black alanya marble, travertine, statuary white marble, green marble and onyx.
The color of the mirror can also be customized with a dark or copper tone.

The modern design of the Lake mirrors is composed of curves that recall the movement of water in rivers and lakes. This collection of designer mirrors is a tribute to the beauty of nature and showcases the irregularities of materials such as marble, wood or onyx. The Lake mirror, signed by the Noom studio, is a contemporary decorative object.

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