Lapis modular sofa by Emanuel Gargano (060)


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Lapis sofa 060, signed by Emanuel Gargano

In collaboration with Amura Lab, Emanuel Gargano has conceived this collection of seats and sofas named ‘Lapis’ in regard to the ancient roman paved roads. These ‘Lapis’ sofa are like pavements: we can assemble blocs in order to create a comfortable and welcoming sofa. We can create traditional shapes with straight sofa for 2 to 6 seats, as angular sofas, as well as asymmetrical compositions inviting to relax.

Standard dimensions:
Straight sofa 2 seats: 203 to 222 cm
Straight sofa 3 or 4 seats: 278 to 296 cm
Straight sofa 5 or 6 seats: 361 cm
Lounge sofa 3 seats: 278 à 296 cm
Angular sofa 6 seats: 370 cm
(Many other options are possible)

A wide range of fabrics is available. Contact us to see samples.

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