Low coffee table Brandt by Noom


Low coffee table Brandt, signed by Noom

Hand brushed stainless steel

Dimensions: H35 x D60 cm

Lead-time: 12 semaines

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Low coffee table Brandt by Noom

The collection of coffee tables Brandt, signed by Noom, is a tribute to the work of German artist Marianne Brandt, trained at the Bauhaus metal’s workshop. The tables Brandt are characterized by a minimalistic design and a high importance gives to details. All the collections have been designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus School.

The coffee tables (high and low) are entirely made of stain steel and their metal surface are hand brushed by craftsman at Noom studio.

The design of the Brandt table seems very classic, traditional: a tabletop and legs. However, the details given on the finishes, as the hand brushed surface, offers a more contemporary design. The hand brushed surface of the coffee table Brandt, looks like ripples on the water. All the three cylindrical legs have different diameters which offers an asymmetrical design. The low coffee table Brandt by Noom, is an object of art by itself.

The coffee table Brandt is available in two height and size: low and high.

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