Skateboard Bolid (green) by Zieta


Skateboard Bolid (green), signed by Zieta

Stainless Steel, Emerald Green
Dimensions: H 80 x 20 cm

Production lead-time: 4 to 8 weeks

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Skateboard Bolid (green) by Zieta

The Bolid skateboard is a mirror-sculpture signed by Polish design studio Zieta.

The Bolid mirror, signed by Zieta, is entirely made of stainless steel. The Bolid sculpture has the design of a longboard; and is a true piece of art. Wheels have been added to the sculpture to complete the illusion of a longboard.

The Skateboard Bolid is made thanks to FIDU technology (patented by the Zieta studio): two laser-cut metal sheets are first welded together before air is injected between them until they separate from each other forming a three-dimensional object.

The sculpture Bolid can be used as a piece of art or as a mirror.
The Bolid skateboard is also available in raw polished stainless steel.