Wall Lamp Gothic II by LYFA


Wall lamp Gothic II signed by Bent Karlby for LYFA

Brushed brass

L.206 mm H.280 mm

Bulbs: 2 x G9 max 28W (110V-230V)

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Wall Lamp Gothic II by LYFA

The series of lightings ‘Gothic’ was designed by Bent Karlby for LYFA and presents two high-end brass wall lights, available in solo or duo version.
Surprisingly, little information remains of the development of these two lights in the 70s by their Danish designer. “Gothic” is logically a direct legacy of the Gothic architectural trend (from 12th to 16th century). The ‘Gothic’ movement is characterized, among other things, by large structures generally decorated with pointed arches. This distinctive shape emphase the feeling of height and verticality of a structure. Ben Karlby readjusted his design inspired by the ‘Gothic’ movement to create contemporary interiors, marked by a certain uniqueness.

The wall lamp projects a soft light from the top. The brushed brass surface is light by narrows peepholes; revealing regular asperities. The high quality metal of the wall lamp offers an elegant light, perfect of a luxurious interior.

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