Acros Dining Table by CarmWorks


Acros Dining table signed by CarmWorks

Wood: Solid oak or cedar (burnt wood)
Dimensions: H72 x 300 x 100 cm

Suitable for outdoor use

Each piece is handmade to order by CarmWorks

Production lead-time: about 4-5 weeks

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Acros Dining Table by CarmWorks

Acros” is a wooden dining table (solid oak) designed and made by CarmWorks in its studio in Bogota (Colombia). In a brutalist style, this massive table is built from geometric shapes, its burnt wood finish shows the roughness of the wood. The “Acros” console is also available and keeps the unique characteristics of the Acros wooden table.

CarmWorks furniture is characterised by the quality of its materials and environmental friendliness.

The massive Acros and Amok tables are made by the CarmWorks studio. The artist Camilo Rodriguez is inspired by nature and aims to embellish everyday objects. He follows the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, by highlighting the imperfections of wood. Influenced by Japanese culture, CarmWorks applies the Yakisugi technique which consists of a burnt wood texture. The furniture is also treated by applying natural oils with a coating of lacquer and matte enamel. This guarantees a long-lasting protection against UV light, making all furniture suitable for outdoor use.

Dimensions :
H72 x 300 x 100 cm