Cirkus Track (rail only) by AGO

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The lighting series Cirkus is a creation by AGO Lighting x Bymars

Coated ABS, aluminum

Rail lengths (3 sizes available):
60 x 3 cm / 90 x 3 cm / 120 x 3 cm

Spots sold separately here

Lead-time: 3 to 4 weeks

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Cirkus Track (rail only) by AGO

This series of track lights is signed Bymars for AGO Lighting. “Cirkus” collection shows: chandeliers (two sizes available), wall lamps and track-lights. Each model is build on a U-shape module which can be moved and directed in diverse orientation. Four colors available: charcoal, grey, green and terracotta. AGOs lightings can be recognized by a very minimalist and geometric design. Curves and nice colors give all the beauty to these lamps.

AGO is a Korean design studio specialized in lighting.  AGO  is based in the area of central Seoul named Euljiro which has been at the heart of Korean industry. Many small factories and workshops remain and it is where AGO started, collaborating with the skilled craftsmen and makers of the area. AGO develops lightings collections in collaboration with contemporary design studio like Bymars, Word or Big-Game for example. Each project is a constant search of the perfect balance between beauty and function with light.


Coated ABS, aluminum

Rail dimensions (3 sizes available): 
60 x 3 cm
90 x 3 cm
120 x 3 cm