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The Crystals Mirrors by Zieta

13,600 23,485 

Set of mirrors signed by Zieta Prozessdesign

Stainless steel

Set of 3 mirrors:
a: 148 x 73 x 83 x 65 cm
b: 83 x 76 x 61 x 52 cm
c: 81 x 82 x 27 x 76 cm
Dimensions of the set: 171 x 226 x 27 cm

Set of 5 mirrors:
a: 153 x 75 x 95 x 72 cm
b: 91 x 96 x 84 x 67 cm
c: 84 x 94 x 43 x 97 cm
d: 72 x 74 x 64 x 43 cm
e: 80 x 70 x 73 x 72 cm
Dimensions of the set: 183 x 377 x 27 cm


Production lead-time: 4 to 8 weeks.

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The Crystals Mirrors by Zieta 8 The Crystals Mirrors by Zieta 9


Set of 3 or 5 mirrors


“The Crystals” is a set of mirrors signed by Zieta Prozessdesign. The Crystals mirrors by Zieta are made of a set of 3 or 5 mirrors each with a beautiful shape and apparence of crystal or diamond. Each mirror has its own shape and size. These Crystals mirrors are available with a set of 3 or 5 mirrors and create a real wall sculpture from 2 to 4 meters Length.

Zieta Prozessdesign is a Polish contemporary design studio founded by the designer and architect Oskar Zieta. Halfway between design and engineering Zieta Prozessdesign does not only wants to focus on the beauty of the shapes of objects and furniture they design, but also focuses on creating innovative solutions that can be applied to the production of their collections and leave them endless possibilities. Zieta is best known for his collection of stools “Plopp” made through  the technologist FIDU. With the same principle Zieta Prozessdesign conceived mirror collections made of stainless steel called “Tafla”, “Rondo” and “Rondel”. Two laser-cut metal sheets are first welded together before air is injected between them until they separate from each other forming a three-dimensional object.

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