Divergent Sofa by Marta Delgado

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Divergent Sofa signed by Marta Delgado Studio

Materials: Textiles, wood or metal
Dimensions: H 80 x 240 x 83 cm (seat height 40 cm)

Textile – Wide range of colors:
– Velvet
– Vintage velvet or Bouclé Wide
– Corded Velveteen
– Bouclé

– Metal (Polished, Brushed or Old patine): Stainless Steel / Brass
– Wood (finish gloss or matt): Amara ebony / Oak / Walnut
– Textile (All fabrics from the collection)
– Lacquer (finish gloss or matt): All colors RAL

Designed and manufactured in Portugal. Customizable.

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Production lead time: 8 to 12 weeks.
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Divergent Sofa by Marta Delgado

The Divergent sofa is a creation by Marta Delgado Studio. This sofa is composed of an asymmetrical backrest to fit different morphologies. The seat is large and wide to maximize comfort. The metal or wood base, as well as the atypical shapes make this piece a real contemporary sofa. The Divergent sofa is intended for those who “diverge”, a sort of tribute to those who refuse the standards. A “Divergent” armchair is also available.

You may choose from several textiles: velvet, vintage velvet, corded velveteen, bouclé or wide bouclé. The structure is made of wood or metal, available in different finishes: brass, stainless steel or wood. You can also choose a structure upholstered, contact us for the choice of fabric.

Marta Delgado, a Portuguese artist, founded her studio in 2020. Marta Delgado seeks to create furniture with futuristic design, geometric seating and massive tables. Elegant and durable furniture through the use of different noble and luxurious materials such as marble, metal and wood. Furniture upholstered in soft textiles and available in a multitude of colors.
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